Street Light is a multidimensional performance piece created and directed by Corrine Jasmin and Ru Emmons.

The collaborative show was written in its entirety and performed by both artists aiming to explore the dynamics of being human, trauma and mental health, queerness, interconnectedness, and what a world beyond oppression might look like. It was designed for immersive theater (no separation between the audience and performers). Viewers went on a journey through soundscapes, projections, video (with direction by Corrine Jasmin), dance and movement, light installation, comedic skits, and spoken word.

All works were created under Kelly Strayhorn’s Freshworks Residency program.

“Through movement, sound, spoken language, and visual art, Ru Emmons and Corrine Jasmin seek to uncover the power of living in the in-between, exploring the corners of identity, interconnectedness, and queer futurism.” 

Photos courtesy of Kelly Strayhorn

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