Corrine Jasmin is an interdisciplinary artist,  filmmaker, and writer currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. Corrine also works as a workshop instructor and event facilitator, producing events that highlight artists of varying mediums. She has exhibited work in various spaces throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding region.

Her work written has been published in Bunker Review (Bunker Projects), Public Source, and has been featured by Carnegie Museum of Art's Storyboard. Her self-published poetry book, Tread, has been featured by  the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art and is carried in their shop.

Tread is also carried in bookstores in Pittsburgh, New York City, Philadelphia, and Richmond.


Much of my work focuses on light, often depicting all that's radiant about the individual. 

My work can float through and around womanhood. Alternatively, I share cycles of healing and growth, fluidity, sexuality, death and rebirth, and the idea of femininity through text, film, video, performance, photography, and sculpture. I work to explicitly bring a femme narrative forward and reclaim space and time.

A central goal in my practice is to elevate Black joy, a narrative which goes underrepresented. 

Blending  words, images, and motion while working towards smudging the lines between an artistic practice and activism. 

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